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Feet measuring service in Milton Keynes

At Shoeting Stars, we will ensure we provide your children with the right size shoes with our expert feet measuring service.

How often should I get my child's feet measured?

Healthy feet have 26 bones, most of which at birth are just soft cartilage. During childhood these bones begin to ossify (harden) and are not fully developed until about the age of 18.

It is therefore very important during these formative years to look after children's developing feet. Having correctly fitting shoes will offer support where it's needed and will allow the foot to develop and grow without any restrictions.
Children's feet grow in spurts, most quickly in the early years, then slowing down as they get older. Shoes should be checked every 4-8 weeks up to about 3 years old, then every 8-12 weeks as they get older.

You shouldn't have to buy a new pair of shoes every time your child is measured, but it's important to have regular checks to make sure there is enough room for their growing feet.

Please come into 'Shoeting Stars' for free fitting and guidance. Always happy to help.
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Pick the perfect pair of shoes

We have a fantastic range of shoes in various brands, sizes and designs so you will be spoilt for choice. Our footwear can also serve as a great gift. Visit our store for a wonderful shoe-shopping experience.
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Range of accessories

From shoes and wellington boots, to hair accessories, children’s bags and umbrellas, we have a large selection of all to choose from. 
For an extremely accurate feet measuring service in Milton Keynes, bring your child to Shoeting Stars

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